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Android Photo Registrar

Android photo recorder. Photo registrar

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       If you are going on vacation and want to sometimes watch your house, apartment, shop, parking lot, warehouse, then you just need to see all of it a few photos a day. Use a photo recorder Oflameron Rescue PHOTO for this for your old Android smartphone.
       This application is completely safe because you don't need to install any software to view your photos. You can view them in any standard browser.
       You don't need to buy a separate smartphone for your surveillance system. Use an old smartphone instead of which you have already bought a new device.
       If it seems to you that it is too difficult to set up work with the application, then look at the manual (in the application), go to the Support Blog or use GOOGLE and read any documentation on setting up the FTP client.
       Dowload from Google DRIVE. Android 10 supported.
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Android Photo Rgistrar

       If setting up an application looks complicated, then it may become a small business. Old smartphones are always a disposal problem. The battery is already working well. The body and screen are scratched. The processor is slow, there is little memory. But the camera almost always works, there is a power supply unit, Wi-Fi and LTE.
       A large number of very cheap outdated smartphones allow for the creation of many remote access photo registration systems.
       The only costs in such a surveillance system are for Internet traffic - Wi-Fi or LTE.
       Unlike other surveillance systems, you do not need to rent an IP address or install a client application for viewing (on a smartphone from which you manage your finances) or set up work through the application developer's server somewhere in another country.
       The smartphone-based surveillance system is interesting in that it can be installed in a car. Standard mount on glass and car power cord (USB connector to cigarette lighter). Such a system can operate on a car battery for more than a month.

Photo registrar

       This application is completely free and anonymous to use. Before using, delete all personal data from the old smartphone, switch the settings to the factory configuration (this can be done on all smartphones). The application requires very few permissions: permission to write to memory, work with a camera (s) and transfer data via the Internet.
       If you have access to Wi-Fi, you can broadcast photos every 50 seconds. This needs to be specified on the settings page.
       New versions of the application are published regularly. The development of new versions of the program and their testing on smartphones requires financial expenses. However, the app is always available as a freeware. To support the development of the application, check the official website of the application and the advertisements there. This will allow us to keep working on new features and new applications.
       Dowload from Google DRIVE. Android 10 supported.
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       Direct Install APK from website - 2 461 207 bytes
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       December 2021
       This application is constantly being improved. For example, a dimming mode has been added to the smartphone screen to save energy. Added START/STOP mode.
       The application uses standard camera settings. Those. You can use all the camera features of the device.

Make a surveillance system out of an old smartphone for an office, apartment, shop and you can go downhill.

Android Photo Registrar

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