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Android Photo Registrar

Android photo recorder. Photo registrar

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       This Android application takes photos on a timer and uploads them to any web server via FTP or stores them in the smartphone's memory.
       Application Oflameron Rescue PHOTO is the cheapest way to make a monitoring system for an office, shop, apartment or warehouse from anywhere in the world.
       Don't throw away a smartphone that is out of date. If you bought a new model, please use your old surveillance smartphone. Your smartphone will take photos for a very long time and upload them to a free web server. At the same time, you can view photos with any browser on any device from anywhere in the World.
       Photo registrar

Android Photo Rgistrar

       Unlike other applications, Oflameron Rescue PHOTO is installed only "on one side" - on an old smartphone. Therefore, all your personal data on your new smartphone is in a safe area.
       The app writes photos to any paid or free web host. There are some examples in the appendix. Photos from multiple surveillance systems can be uploaded to one website. How do you separate them? When the application uploads a photo to the website, it uses the template you specified to create the file name, adds a sequential number and file type (.JPG)
       Set up different filename patterns on different surveillance systems. For instance "photo" and "picture".
       Then one surveillance system will record pictures with the names "photo1.jpg", "photo2.jpg", "photo3.jpg" ... And another surveillance system will create files "picture1.jpg", "picture2.jpg", "picture3.jpg" ...
       An interesting question - how many photos can I upload?
       The Oflameron Rescue PHOTO app contains many settings. You can specify the number of photo files on the server, after which they will be cyclically overwritten.
       Photo registrar

Photo registrar

       The picture shows that the number 10 is set - the number of photos on the web server.
       What are these other parameters?
       50 is the time in seconds between photos. If you are using the mobile Internet to download photos, then it is recommended to select a time of 500 seconds or more. Otherwise, the photos may not be uploaded in time.
       7 and 20 is the time of the beginning (morning) and end (evening) of the photo session. Every day a photo session is held during this period of time. You just set the time when it is light.
       build.dtn.ru is the name or IP address of the FTP server for recording photos.
       perfect - template for the names of files on the FTP server.
       10 - the maximum number of photo files, after which the files will be overwritten on the server. Those. there will be a maximum of 10 files and they will be constantly updated.
       Three more lines for setting - login, password and the name of the folder on the web server, into which the photos should be written.
       |ADMIN GUIDE| - Administrator's guide with examples of configuration, free web hosting, ways to solve some problems.
       Photo registrar
       The Oflameron Rescue PHOTO application has a Telemetry mode. The main screen displays text messages about the program's operation. This is an analogue of the Debug mode.
       This mode makes it much easier to configure the application, select parameters and find errors.
       The Oflameron Rescue PHOTO application is constantly being improved. New properties are added. All versions for old Android OS are always available for download.
       The app is completely free. Development of new versions of the program is financed from the income from advertising posted on the official website. As long as there is revenue, new versions will be developed.
       The application can be used completely free of charge, can be published in any way, including included in paid archives.
       Dowload from Google DRIVE. Android 10 supported.
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       December 2021
       This application is constantly being improved. For example, a dimming mode has been added to the smartphone screen to save energy. Added START/STOP mode.
       The application uses standard camera settings. Those. You can use all the camera features of the device.

Make a surveillance system out of an old smartphone for an office, apartment, shop and you can go downhill.

Android Photo Registrar

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